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Sweet Bytes started as a little home bakery, but it has evolved into a place where people who love baking desserts can find tried and true dessert recipes and sweet treat ideas.

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“Tastes Like Happy” has always been the Sweet Bytes motto and it’s a promise that we intend to keep!

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a small pumpkin pie with a dollop of whipped cream
Overhead shot of 5 mini pie crusts arranged on a cookie sheet for baking pie crust
A crystal bowl filled with vanilla buttercream, a piping bag lies to the right of the bowl
Four layer chocolate cake slice on white dessert plate with the sliced chocolate cake behind it

Some of Our Favorites!

3 pie pumpkins sitting on a wooden table with a large knife and pumpkin scraping tool.
a muffin in a brown tulip style wrapper on a white saucer on the middle of a chess board
12 mini pies alternating hearts and lattice using the best pie crust recipe
A small glass bowl filled with a heaping swirl of whipped cream
A small, white, square bowl of chocolate cake frosting surrounded by the recipe's ingredients
Mini Cakes decorated with m&m's on top and whoppers around the bottom