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I’m so happy you are here!

Sweet Bytes is where my love of art and baking collide. Rene and I are in the process of organizing the site, uploading content and making everything just right. I was too excited to wait and decided to just dive right in!

Imagine this is a new house… We’re pulling up in the driveway, ready to start unloading the moving truck! So peek at us skeptically through the blinds, but soon we’ll all be great friends hanging out in the backyard! 

Sweet BytesThanks for stopping by, we are in the middle of a big spring cleaning here at Sweet Bytes! Stay tuned as we make the shift from home bakery to online baking and making resource.
Close up view of strawberry layer cake with strawberry buttercream piped decorations on top
A triple berry pie with a pie crust cut out in the shape of a man's tie

Some of Our Favorites!