About Us

UPDATE 1/1/2018: We have decided to close the home bakery and are not taking new orders. We appreciate all the love and support we have received. It’s been quite an adventure.

Sweet Bytes OKC is an artisan home bakery, created by Mikel Ibarra and Rene Ibarra. Everything we make is small batch and from scratch. We have been married for 19 years and have 4 beautiful children (2 still at home), so we’ve had a lot of practice baking for a crowd!

I’m Mikel, the head baker, recipe creator, tester, and main marketer/ writer for all of our accounts. I also keep up with the social media accounts. (If you haven’t followed us on Facebook, Pinterest, or Instagram yet, please do!) I didn’t start out a baker, I actually have a BFA in painting with a certification to teach art pre K-12. I taught for 15 years and then decided to try my hand at being an at home mom with child #4. That led to being concerned with all of the chemicals in food, which led to baking from scratch, which led to trying to bake perfect desserts, which led to people asking to buy said desserts which are still leading us to where ever God takes us! Nice to meet you!

My husband, Rene, is in charge of all of our branding and design. He also built our website and maintains its function. He jumps in to help with anything needed from customer service, advice, dishwashing, packaging, heavy lifting, fixing whatever breaks, and of course, taste testing. He too has a BFA in painting and is currently a Software Engineer. (See, we both like to try our hand at new adventures!)

The two children who live at home are very helpful in every way possible. #3 can fold bakery boxes faster than anyone you’ve ever seen and #4 has inherited the family “super taster” and thinks chores are fun (I’m getting as many out of her as I can while she still likes Disney Princesses.)

Us being us Summer 2017

The main goal for our bakery is to make desserts that we feel good serving to our own family and friends. It’s not always easy to find something deliciously decadent that is made from quality ingredients. We create each item, just for you, after you order, with premium ingredients and avoid processed or artificial foods. Real butter, real fruit, Belgium Chocolate, heavy cream, organic when it’s available, local when we can, no hydrogenated oils or artificial anything added to our baked goods. We know you can’t eat this type of dessert every day. When you choose to indulge in something special, you want it to taste as good as it looks. Sweet Bytes is a place you can count on for premium desserts that you can be proud to serve your own family and guests.