Hello and welcome!

I’m Mikel, and Sweet Bytes is a little piece of my heart on the internet! I get to bake, decorate, share tips, come up with delicious ideas and new recipes, and meet all sorts of interesting new people. What a great job, right??

I was born and raised in Oklahoma, where I live with my husband, kids, and a 140 lb big, stubborn, dog named Jack. I love road trips, the mountains, and visiting National Parks, I don’t really believe in T.M.I., and I think the library is the greatest thing since cheesecake.

My husband is Rene. He’s been my main squeeze for a long time. (22 years at the time I’m writing this!) We were art school sweethearts. I think he’s a keeper. In addition to being a #1 dad, he created this website, makes it work right, takes amazing photos, and handles the technical side of Sweet Bytes. We make a great team!

I spent the last 5 years running a home bakery and being a work at home mom. I was supposed to be a “stay at home mom,” but my obsession with baking was so severe that people started asking me how much I charged! One thing led to another and Sweet Bytes became a bustling little home bakery, with Rene’s internet powers, of course.

Before that, I was a public school art teacher… for 15 years! I taught high school for the first 7 years, middle school 1 year (yes, that was enough) and ended my time in elementary school. I have a BFA in studio art with an emphasis in painting  (where I met Rene). It’s funny, you’d think that I would have started an online art store or selling paintings in galleries, but sometimes things just work out differently than we think. My heart for sharing and teaching led me right down the baking and decorating path…. or maybe that was my love of eating delicious things?

My enthusiasm for baking is focused on baking from scratch, using real food ingredients, and making it look as amazing as it tastes. Our home bakery tagline was “Tastes Like Happy” and that’s still my goal for every recipe I develop and dessert I serve today.

Decorating and food styling is purely the art teacher in me. I get super geeked out by art that is food. Sculpted cakes and painted cookies, modeling chocolate and wafer paper flowers. I am in love with highly decorated pies and the bajillion things you can do with fondant.

While running the home bakery, I bought so many cake and cookie decorating supplies that my local store asked if I would consider teaching decorating classes! After I quit laughing, I realized that I would like that very much. I got certified to teach Wilton Method classes and did that alongside my home bakery.

Wilton ended up canceling the program and that left me really missing working with others who had the same interests for baking and decorating that I do. I thought, hey, why not share it all online? I learned most of what I know about baking and decorating online, so it just made sense.

Now that we’ve decided to take this show on the online road, I can bake, create and decorate to my heart’s content! I hope I can pass along something helpful to your creative journey!

Thanks for stopping by! Let’s keep in touch!

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Us being us Summer 2017