Cake Decorating Classes

Are you interested in taking cake decorating classes in Oklahoma City?

Cake decorating classes can be a great way to explore your creative side. In fact, learning to decorate cakes and cupcakes can be a rewarding hobby or even a new career. The art of making beautiful cakes has been growing wildly in popularity and there is really no limit to where it can take you. It’s one of the best things I’ve learned and most one of the most enjoyable things to teach!

Most of my professional career (20+years) has been as a public school art teacher to grades pre-K -12 and I am also a certified Wilton Method Cake Decorating Instructor. I have been teaching cake decorating classes professionally since 2015 and I would love to help you improve your cake and dessert decorating skills!

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Sweet Bytes Cake Decorating Classes

Currently, I am not offering any private classes, but I’m do teach some courses at the Francis Tuttle Rockwell Campus here in OKC.

The Francis Tuttle Courses are offered at various times throughout the year and I add seasonal classes throughout the year. Here are the course titles for all the classes that I teach:

Cake Decorating Intermediate with Buttercream Frosting* (Mondays, May 1- May 22; 6:30 – 9:30 pm) meets 4 sessions for 3 hours each. This course will focus on building cakes using buttercream and a proper internal structure for tall, sculpted, and tiered celebration cakes. Enroll online on the Francis Tuttle website.

*This course has the prerequisite of CAKE DECORATING FOR BEGINNERS (taught by Julie Muir) and is the prerequisite for CAKE DECORATING ADVANCED WITH FONDANT

The Amazon strip below has the supplies that Francis Tuttle provides for you to use in class, but it might be nice to have your own for home:

Cake Decorating Advanced with Fondant **(To Be Announced for Fall 2023) meets 4 sessions for 3 hours each, 6 students maximum enrollment. Build upon the skills you already mastered in Beginning Cake Decorating and Cake Decorating Intermediate- Buttercream by learning new fondant techniques including covering cakes with fondant, making fondant toppers and decorating, and creating novelty cakes, emphasizing internal structure. Enroll online on the Francis Tuttle website.


Cupcake Bouquet (6:15 – 9:15: June 15, 2023 or August 14, 2023) is a one-session, 3-hour course, 6 student maximum enrollment. Take your cupcakes to the next level by learning to make a bouquet made of cupcakes! Learn to pipe several different types of buttercream flowers and assemble your floral cupcakes into a decorative bouquet. Please bring a box at least 9” x 9” for your bouquet and a treat box to carry home six cupcakes. Enroll online on the Francis Tuttle website.

Cake Painting (To be announced) is a one-session, 3-hour course, also 6 students maximum enrollment, that will introduce the art of painting on cakes. I will introduce you to a variety of methods and techniques for creating beautiful paintings, including brush and palette knife. You bring a single layer of unfrosted cake and a box to carry your finished work home- and your enthusiasm! Enroll online on the Francis Tuttle website.

You do not have to purchase any extra supplies, but I am sharing the supplies we use in class in the amazon strip below:

Other Courses taught by Me at Francis Tuttle Rockwell Campus

Pecan Pie from Scratch– (6:00- 9:00: Monday, Sept. 18, 2023; Monday, October 23, 2023, OR Thursday, November 16, 2023) Participants will learn how to make the flakiest all-butter pie crust from scratch, roll the crust and crimping techniques for a beautiful edge, and learn a top-secret pecan pie recipe that will become a new family favorite! You’ll leave with a batch of pie crust to take home and make more pie! #piemaking

Cherry Pie from Scratch – (6:20- 9:20 Thursday, May 11; Monday, June 5; Monday, August 7 ) This is a 3 hour, one-session course! Making a cherry pie really can be as easy as pie! Learn to make a perfect cherry pie with a flaky, all-butter lattice crust. Take home the pie you make and an extra batch of pie crust to make even more pies. #cherrypie

The great thing about Francis Tuttle is that you will get to learn in a professional culinary classroom with a tiny group. There are other cake, cupcake, cookie, and dessert classes you can take with other instructors.

Francis Tuttle Lifelong Learning Courses are a great experience and I would love to see you there!

Online Cake Decorating Classes

The best deal going for online cake decorating classes is Craftsy. I am am Gold member and I actually used Craftsy to learn Cake Decorating when I started. The part I really love is that I can pop on and learn from world class instructors whenever my schedule allows.

Joining for a year for $2.49 really can’t be beat and you can learn everything from baking to cake decorating- even crochet! The library of courses is HUGE!

Click the link to check it out —-> Become a Craftsy Premium Member for ONLY $2.49! Regular price – $97.00! Code A37204 must be used for discount. Cannot be combined with other offers. One use per customer.

A round layered cake covered in purple buttercream and with piped, royal icing flowers in various shades of violet and lavender on a white cake stand.
This is a cake from Wilton’s Cake Decorating Course 2 program materials.The flowers are made with royal icing and the cake is smooth buttercream w/ a piped border.
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