Wishing I Had Better Cake Photos

Today I’m sitting here wishing that I had better cake photos of the cakes I made when I first started baking.

When I started my home bakery business, I didn’t think about photography. I thought about baking. The recipes and the packaging were most important to me. Honestly, I was so busy trying to fill orders that taking pictures was the last thing on my mind.

Now, all I have to document these cakes are a series of refrigerator pics, box shots, and photos that really don’t do the cake justice. I am going to post them to document my journey, but if you learn anything from this post, let it be this:

Make time for great cake photos of your great work!

When I Know Better, I Do Better

Now that I know how important my photos are for documenting my work, and promoting my business, I try harder to make time for great photos.

Lately, I’ve been really working on improving my photography skills so that I can showcase my best work. As a Craftsy Gold Member, I have found several amazing food photography and photography classes led by industry professionals in their library. The great part is, I can watch the classes over and over at my own pace.

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