From Scratch

From scratch is a Sweet Bytes promise. It’s our WHY. It’s the only way we think it’s even worth it to do. It’s what makes us special and what makes our work so labor intensive. Yes, it would be MUCH easier to buy crusts. Yes, it would be MUCH easier to start with a box cake mix and just add some ingredients to make it a little different. Yes, it would be MUCH easier to just buy a jug of topping. Alas, easier. Nothing about this gig is “easy.” I know, I’ve had a lot of gigs. This one isn’t about easy though. This one is about tasty and real food. This one is about my people.


My family, my customers, myself, my people. My people get it.  They don’t want easy desserts from Sweet Bytes. When they want that they will go pick up something easy at the store. Easy is everywhere! We are a convenience food society. I don’t even get upset when my people go buy something easy, like a cake from that chain store. Although I do think it’s funny to watch them try to hide it from me. I promise, it’s okay, we buy easy stuff sometimes too (GASP!) No judgement crosses my mind. We are all trying to survive here.

My people want special desserts from Sweet Bytes and they know that’s what they will get, every time. Always made from scratch, always the same quality they can count on, always made fresh when it’s ordered. That’s not an easy promise to keep and it wasn’t meant to be. From scratch means labor. From scratch means extra time. From scratch meant somebody cared enough about you to find just the right combination of ingredients to make that baking science magic happen. From scratch means somebody loves you. From scratch is how every one would bake for themselves if they had enough time. That’s what you deserve if you are going to buy special desserts. It should look good, taste good, be made from good ingredients and make you happy to receive it. That’s why Sweet Bytes desserts are all from scratch, because I love my people.

Candy Mosaic

Candy Mosaic

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About Mikel Ibarra

Mikel Ibarra holds a BFA in painting, is a certified cake decorator, teaches baking and cake decorating classes, and frequently combines her passions for the sake of art. Sweet Bytes is where she shares everything she knows about the art of baking and running a baking business.