Sweet Life #7

We made it through May, June, and almost ALL of July! I cannot believe all of the changes that have happened since May 1. Its definitely been a transformative time for me.

School is out for summer and I’ve got one preparing to head off to college in another state. It will be a dramatic change for all of us, having him 1300 miles away. I think I’m mostly in denial. I still have a few months to let that one process. People keep asking me if I am scared or sad about it and the truth is I’m not allowing myself to think about it much. Just keep swimming is my motto.

This is BIG

Another HUGE change for our family is that I’ve decided to go back to teaching art full time. It was a surprise even to me! I got the perfect opportunity at a middle school near my house. When I heard about the opening, my heart leaped with joy and I knew it was meant for me. I got the job before I even had much time to think about all of the details.

As a result, I’ve been spending quite a few days cleaning the art room and preparing it for my new classes!

If you’ve never been around art teachers, we are quite the collectors. The person I’m replacing retired after 28 years! That’s a lot of years of collecting. Also… there is no air conditioning at school during the summer months.

It’s Oklahoma. It’s HOT. Luckily, I’ve had some good help from my youngest. She and I get the pleasure of not having “real jobs” over the summer, so we get to hang out in my new classroom.

She was super excited, now, not so much. The photos below show some of our progress!

4 pictures of my new art classroom

One of my personal “issues” is that whenever I take over a new classroom, I have to drag everything out to see what I have and then put it all back where I want it. It created hours and hours of work, but I will have peace of mind and know what’s where.

Back to the classroom!

Anyway, I don’t know how this will impact Sweet Bytes or what direction I’ll turn with my baking. All I know is that somehow while I was working part-time at the library my heart light got flipped back on and I knew exactly where it was leading, back to the classroom.

I spent 15 years teaching public school art before deciding to take a break and stay home with my youngest. During that time, I ended up having this 7-year baking adventure that I never could have imagined. Life is just a big ole adventure I tell you.

At least now I have a ton of new people to bake for (not to mention my very own art room complete with all the art toys a girl could want!)

I do appreciate you reading and letting me share my adventure with you. Now off to summer fun!

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Mikel Ibarra holds a BFA in painting, is a certified cake decorator, teaches baking and cake decorating classes, and frequently combines her passions for the sake of art. Sweet Bytes is where she shares everything she knows about the art of baking and running a baking business.