Sweet Life #6

Sweet Life #6! I decided to ditch the months in the title after I skipped February and March- ha ha- I don’t need that type of pressure in my life! Sweet Life is supposed to be a time to chat and catch up on real life, not all stressful, right? Right.

Here’s what’s been going on:

In February, I made a pig pie for the Year of the Pig and it had a great run on Instagram. It was one of those ideas that just came to me and I knew I had to make it or forever regret it. You can check it out here: Year of the Pig Lunar New Year Pie

For March, my daughter and I share a birthday and we both got a year older. If you ask her how old we are she’ll be happy to tell you loud and proud. (It really doesn’t bother me at all to say I’m 45, but it’s always fun to see older women wince when she just blurts out my age.) I figure it’s an honor to age, why would I complain or shy away from the number?

Anyway, since she’s the kid, she gets the cool cake. She always comes up with some flavor combination or design that will make her cake uniquely hers. This year she asked for a two-tier unicorn themed cake. She had some pretty wild ideas involving a unicorn standing under a waterfall and really looking water. I had to reel her back in and sell her on the cascading, piped, rainbow idea. Whew, she went for it!

2 unicorn cakes with rainbow colored buttercream

Unfortunately, I didn’t get great pics of the whole cake in action. The little cake was her “candle cake.” I thought it would be easier and more appetizing to have to blow all over the tiny cake vs. the big one! It worked out well. It’s an idea that I think should be used more often. Smash cakes for EVERY AGE!

April has been dramatic

April has brought dramatic changes for our family that I can’t really talk about right now. Probably it would be better if I just didn’t bring it up then, huh? Well, I didn’t want you to think I was sleeping on the job or something. I just have to wait until everything is finalized before spreading the news.

April also brought some fun interviews with a casting agency trying to cast some baking challenges. Nothing came of it, but I didn’t say no without at least trying. I don’t even watch baking shows or baking challenges. They make me feel terrible for the contestants. I can’t handle the unrealistic conditions and limitations imposed on them. So, I knew I wasn’t a good match for the shows, but I felt like most people would have been so excited about the opportunity, that I had to try my best.


Transitions are on the horizon. I will still be working on the Sweet Bytes website as well and my upcoming changes. Our #3 will be moving off to college and we will be adapting to that big change as well. I look forward to sharing it all with you as it all becomes more focused! It’s just one of those times when everything changes, exciting and scary, but wouldn’t have it any other way!

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Mikel Ibarra holds a BFA in painting, is a certified cake decorator, teaches baking and cake decorating classes, and frequently combines her passions for the sake of art. Sweet Bytes is where she shares everything she knows about the art of baking and running a baking business.