Gifts for Bakers: Handcrafted, Vintage, Custom, or Unique

This post is all about finding gifts for bakers who love unique or handmade items. Sometimes it’s very hard to find the perfect gift for those we care about, but we never quit trying, do we?

As a baker, I am always happy to get some new bakeware or fun baking tools.  Plus, I could never have enough t-shirts and aprons! So, for this gift list, I’ve put together a list of gifts for bakers from Etsy to help you find great gifts for the bakers in your life. This is also a chance to support small businesses and independent shop owners who sell their items on Etsy.

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“If it’s handcrafted, vintage, custom or unique, it’s on Etsy.”

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Unique baking tools

New tools are always a good gift for a baker. Especially if the tool can really help your them out around the kitchen. Moreover, they will be sure to think of you fondly when they use their awesome gift! Here are a few of my picks:

  1. Hand stamped utensils from Free Spirited Momma: Customize your own or choose something straight from the shop. Menden Scott in Austin, Texas runs Free Spirited Momma. The shop specializes in spunky accessories for free spirits.
  2. Custom cutting board from Our Board Boutique: Get your little baker a customized cutting board like no one else has! Chopping, slicing, and prep work can all be done on this unique gift. Plus, it will look great when it’s not in use!
  3. Patterned rolling pin from Everlasting Doodle: A rolling pin is a gift that is not only useful but can become a cherished heirloom passed from one generation to the next. Everlasting Doodle is a family run shop in Egg Harbor, Wisconsin.
  4. Personalized wooden spoons from The Sinclair Company: These beautiful spoons are made by Laura Sinclair along with her husband Aaron in Peachtree City, Georgia. Their pride in craftsmanship really shows in the items in their shop.

Bakeware from Etsy

Bakers gonna bake. They need something to bake in! Etsy has a HUGE assortment of vintage and customizable bakeware for all types of bakers, from bread bakers to cake makers. Here are some of my favorites:

  1. Hand stamped pie pan from Designs by Kace: Designs by Kace is owned by Kace Pye from Oklahoma City, OK. She makes the cutest full sized, mini pie, and pizza pie pans and can even customize your items.
  2. Engraved pie plate from Hummingbird Hill: A personalized, customized engraved pie plate is a one of kind gift that will last a lifetime. Hummingbird Hill makes custom engraved candleholders, bakeware, and glassware in Scappoose, Oregon.
  3. Personalized retro patterned cake pan from Snappy’s Boutique: These 13″ x 9″ pans would be great for a serving dish or a sheet cake pan. Snappy’s Boutique specializes in personalized monogrammed gifts. Dina C. in Chicago, Illinois is the owner.

Wearable gifts for bakers on Etsy

A baker likes to look good! Whether working in the kitchen sporting an adorable apron or headed to the grocery store… again. Your baker will look adorable with one of these gifts they can wear.

  1. Personalized apron from Ones of Love PersonalizedGifts: Ones of Love Personalized Gifts is an Etsy shop owned by a mother, artist, and digital designer in Monroe, New Jersey. Her aprons are seriously cute!
  2. Cake artist t-shirt from SimpleYummySweet: Simple Yummy Sweet is owned by Rachel in Wake Forest, North Carolina. You can find everything from cookie cutters to stationary in her shop.
  3. Love baking t-shirt from Inspiring Mojo: Inspiring Mojo is a premium clothing brand with a shop based in Chatsworth, California. They really do sell inspiring items. I like that you can order the items in a variety of garment styles like tank tops or hoodies.
  4. Retro style head scarf from 3 Drops of Poison: 3 Drops of Poison is a shop owned by Martina Kopas, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. Rockabilly and vintage style hair scarves fill this shop. Keeping hair secured is highly important when baking, for both safety and style.

Baker’s accessories or jewelry

If you still haven’t found the perfect present in all the gifts for bakers listed above, maybe this list will have what you need. A baker has an never ending use for cute things that help them share their baked goods and display their love of baking to the world. Maybe one of these will be the one!

  1. Handmade keychain or jewelry from Krazy Kool Cakes & Design: These are adorable polymer clay, handmade items by internationally known and loved cake artists. Laura E. Varela- Wong and her husband, Arnie Wong work together in making cakes, items for their Etsy shop and share tutorials on their YouTube channel.
  2. Baker necklace from LeBua Jewelry: LeBua Jewelry is owned by Nan Bennett in Gowan, Michigan. She has a huge variety of charms and styles available.
  3. Custom stamp from Hello Love Co. Press: If your baker loves to share baked goods, a custom stamp will be a wonderful gift. Hand stamped boxes and cards can accompany all of their yummy treats. Kerry in Iowa City, Iowas owns Hello Love Co. Press.

Still searching

If you still haven’t found the perfect gift, have a look through Etsy’s gift guides and see if you find something you love. Still, there is always an Etsy gift card. Etsy has over 25 MILLION items listed, there are bound to be some great gifts for bakers in there that I haven’t even dreamt of yet.

If you are going to search on your own, here are some queries that I’ve found useful additions to my Etsy searches: personalized, custom, engraved, hand stamped, monogrammed, vintage.

The more specific you can get with your search, the better your chance of targeting gifts that fit your needs. Typing in cookie cutter will yield 75,451 results on Etsy, yet, custom cookie cutter takes it down to 6,617. Whereas, custom Star Wars cookie cutter only has 48.

Shop small

Shopping small business is a way to double your gift giving, by helping a business owner support themselves and their employees.

Remembering to spend money with small businesses makes a huge difference in the lives of the business owners, the local economies, and to our overall urban landscapes. I love local shops that have that unique personality and local flavor that can’t be found anywhere else on Earth.

Some of the shops on Etsy, like Free Spirited Momma and Designs by Kace, are very small shops where the items you buy will directly support the maker. Other shops I’ve listed have a small group of dedicated employees. Your purchase will make a huge difference in their lives and businesses.

It’s a good feeling to spend money when you know it’s doing good!

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