Father’s Day Pie

Ties for Father’s Day are traditional. We all know that Dad doesn’t really need more ties… He NEEDS more PIES!

Back when I was making pies for my bakery, the Father’s Day Pie or “Tie Pie” was something that I looked forward to every year.

Something so simple as cutting out a tie from pie crust brought joy to so many dads. It warms my heart to think about it.

Here’s a great tutorial on how to make pie crust cut-outs from Kitchn.  It’s a great start on how to use pie crust to make your own designs, or even a great pie for Father’s Day!

**Edited post from 5/2015

A 9" Triple Berry Pie with a Pie Crust Cut out shaped like a man's tie

A 9″ Father’s Day Tie Pie


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