Presenting the NEW Oven!

I am so pleased with our new oven that I thought I would show it off to you a bit. Being a home bakery we have to use equipment that will actually function in our home, and, you know… not burn our house down.. or be so heavy that it could damage our home….or be so big it wouldn’t FIT in our home. There are all of these things one has to think about when buying equipment that will meet the needs of a busy bakery existing in an average home.

The oven I chose met all of those needs and even exceeded my expectations! It’s a double oven with true convection from Kitchenaid. If you want to check it out, here’s a link! It’s the prettiest blue inside I have ever seen on a oven. When I turn on the light I can see everything inside! I could go on and on, but I’ll spare you. I’m just the kind of person that uses a major appliance until it’s worn all the way out and Rene is really good at fixing things, so most of our stuff gets old before we get something new. Then we are so impressed with innovation in the years since we’ve had the old one that we sound like we live in a cave! (My car even has manual locks! You should see the kid’s friends when we give them a ride. They don’t know how to lock or unlock the doors!)

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Another reason I’m so FREAKING EXCITED is our old oven could bake three 9″ pies at one time or six 6″ pies. So that meant, on and average Friday Pie Day, around 10-12 hours of baking. Whew…. This bad boy can hopefully cut that by 1/4 or quadruple output, however it works out is a plus! Anyway, this oven should hold us for a while while we keep moving forward into the future!

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