Since sharing our love of making things that taste like happy is our raison d’être we love hearing from our happy customers. If you would like to share your love for Sweet Bytes, please send us an email.

I just wanted to thank you for the pies! We got soooo many compliments on them and they were delicious! Everyone loved how unique it was to serve pies and they’re just the perfect size! Thanks again!

– Nicole
Everyone (17 people) loved our cookies & cream cake for my daughters birthday. New to the area and this is where I’m getting my cakes from now on!

-Heather S.
The pies you delivered today for Pi Day were extraordinary!! They looked completely beautiful and have gotten rave reviews from the group. Thank you for the time and care that you put into the order!!

-Amanda F.
I just can’t begin to say how much my whole family appreciates Sweet Bytes and the quality of the products to the joy we share with the baker! From the Coconut cake, to the coconut pie, to the cherry Pie, peanut butter cookies, to the apple pie we LOVE it all!

Super personal service to quality of her products! Can’t say enough positive about Sweet Bytes!

-Michele F.
I wanted you to know how pleased I was with the cheese cake and blueberry pie you made for me. My family still talks about them!!
The cheesecake was FABULOUS! I asked for the strawberry topping to be “on the side”. You put it in a canning jar and the seal actually popped so I knew you made it just before delivering it to my office.
The crust on the blueberry pie was flaky and the bottom crust never got soggy! The filling was so thick with blueberries that when we cut the pie the filling stayed firm and did not leak out into the pan at all.
Thank you for making my family happy! I will be calling again and will definitely be recommending Sweet Bytes anytime I can.

-Toni S.
“Thank you for making everything so easy. For ordering the pies, picking up the plates, and delivering the pies. Everything went so smoothly. I will definitely recommend your pies for all occasions.”

“Oh goodness I tell everybody I know about you! You and your goodies are awesome!”

The cakes were beautiful and delicious! Thank you for a job well done! We received so many compliments and the tiered cake was just as we had envisioned!


This is a little slice of Heaven!

-Ryan (about Key Lime Pie)

Sweet Bytes is an incredible bakery. Sink your teeth into ANYTHING they make and feel the love they put into their treats. I was fortunate to try many of their decadent sweets and I couldn’t get enough!!!! At Sweet Bytes it’s like your mom and or dad is right there making it themselves. You DO NOT want to travel through Oklahama City without stopping here and picking up some tasties. Only one word describes this company and the product they make. IRRESISTIBLE!!!! Thank you Sweet Bytes for being the highlight of my stop through.


The Thin Mint Pie is amaze balls! !


Mikel, that carrot cake was delicious. It was the best I have ever had. The birthday girl as she was eating it said “this is very, very, very, very good”!!! It was a hit.


Mikel made a turtle cheesecake for my daughter’s 13th birthday party. She totally rocked it. Best cheesecake I’ve ever eaten outside of New York City!


I highly recommend Sweet Bytes. We ordered a Key Lime Pie Bird for our dinner group. It was amazing. It was a wonderful piece of heaven in our mouths! Not only are their products fantastic, so is their customer service! Thank you for making it a great night for us!

-Hattie W.

Sweet Bytes made the pies for our wedding. They were delicious and beautiful. Our guests raved about them and we enjoyed the leftovers! The no corn syrup pecan is my favorite and the blueberry is my husband’s. We will always have a special place in our hearts and bellies for these pies! The owners of Sweet Bytes were kind, professional, and largely contributed to making our wedding celebration sweet and memorable!

-Maggie N.

The no corn syrup pecan pie was the best one I’ve ever had. I look forward to getting another in the near future.

-Heather B.

From the first blueberry pie that I had from Sweet Bytes, I was smitten and since then no other pie will do. There is nothing like that crust or the texture of the REAL berries that go into each one. Their cheesecakes are our family’s absolute favorite, though. They are creamy and flavorful with the perfect amount of sweetness. I am sure no matter what pie we order, we will get a real homemade taste that will make us feel deliciously indulged.

-Carolina E.
I’m not a crust fan, in fact, I usually eat the pie out of the crust and leave the crust behind. This crust however, was better than anything I’ve ever made myself. Sturdy, flaky, and not overpowering. I ate every last crumb….Now for the chocolate… This was like eating a truffle. Dense, chocolatey, rich, and thick…I don’t deny the fact that I’m a food snob. I like high quality stuff. This one fits the bill!” – For full glowing review:

-Rachael F.

I suspect that these people put something addictive in their pies… I think I saw them shipping one to Rob Ford.

-Troy K.

Sweet Bytes produces the most delicious pies, cakes, cookies, and other sugary and doughy monstrosities anyone could possibly imagine. We’ve had their tasty treats at many of our parties and family get-togethers, and they’re always the hot topic of discussion. My boss ordered mini pies for the office once and I completely lost my self-control (as well as any potential productivity for the day). We’ve tried pies from other places around town, but nothing can compare to the flavor, moistness (where applicable), and love with which each baked good is created.If you haven’t tried at least one of everything from Sweet Bytes, you’re only hurting yourself.

-Trey B.

Wow! I cannot express my delight in this delicious experience of pies and cheesecake/cakes! Moreover, they are each made with love… A love that you will experience in every bite! In addition, they are beautifully prepared for any occasion. We will definitely be calling upon this new found secret for future desserts. HIGHLY RECOMMEND! Thank you.

-Lisa H.

I have a pretty high standard when it comes to pastry. And Sweet Bytes has always exceeded that standard. Even when making something they’ve never made before, I have yet to try anything that hasn’t been completely and utterly fantastic. While taste and texture have always been the most important to me, I have been impressed by the lack of preservatives in these pastries as well as the exquisite presentation. So thank you, Sweet Bytes, for doing continually excellent cakes, pies, and cheesecakes.

-Kylie N.

I was wandering the vast dessert fields never knowing that there could be anything but flat lifeless desserts. Until I stumbled upon something new. It was rich and full of zest the shapes and colors all dazzling to the senses. Was this dessert or something new!? I did not know my life had been a lie that somewhere some cosmic design had been put into place to make me lead a life of bland sugary eats until some benevolent deity decided that my wandering must end and new journey must begin with a fresh flavor and hunger for more of the delicious confectionery. That is my goal in this new dessert filled life to spread the word of delicious delicious pies, cakes, and piebrids! So eat the fruits of Sweet Bytes labor and Taste the Happy!

-Tyler N.

Delicious Awesomeness!

-Marsha C.

Yum! We just got a Sweet Bytes OKC apple pie by Mikel and it is yummy! and the crust is wonderfully flaky to die for!

-Frances W.

After trying 3 different cakes, I can tell you all of them were amazing. The best cakes I have ever tasted. i wish I lived closer to the deliciousness.

-Debra O.

Best pies!!! Cannot wait for my next order. Flaky crust oh so yummy!

-Jennifer M.

I had the caramel apple pie. It’s the best apple pie I had ever tasted.

-Bridget H.