Wedding Pies and Pie Bars

Wedding Pies, Pie Bars, and Mini Pies have been a big, big business around here for the past month! In fact, 492 Pies in the last month alone! That may happen in a week (or even a day) at a commercial bakery, but that’s HUGE for my little home bakery. In that total, over 460 of them were mini pies and 331 of them were to celebrate marriage. If you know me, you know how absolutely giddy I am to think of the product of my hands being shared at the most sacred of celebrations!

Here’s a picture of the beautiful set up one of my customer’s made for her family’s celebration at the Water’s Edge Winery- OKC. The pies are 4″, the photos are just iphone snapshots I grabbed before leaving, but I think you’ll get the idea!


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