I Thought I Had More Posts! Yikes.

I have been horrible at blogging.  When I asked the amazing maker of this site for a blog I thought that I would just be typing every day. Then I haven’t. I am certain that it probably looks bad to have a blog section and only have 3 posts. I apologize. I pledge to do better, blog more, smell more flowers, kiss more babies, and continue my quest to leave the world in a better place than I found it!

Whew, now that’s settled. The hot water tank here at the Sweet Bytes OKC Home Bakery ruptured this morning. That sort of puts a damper, or maybe a chill, on things for a few days. It was the dishwasher a few weeks ago. Luckily we have been blessed with super repairmen who handled it like KAPOW! The dishwasher is back to cleaning and sterilizing like a champ and that SHALL be the last item that will need repairs for a while. (knock on wood, sprinkle salt, whatever works)

To leave on a high note, my son and I had the best time volunteering along with Rotary Club of Midtown OKC at SixTwelve on Sunday. They were having a painting party to help the progress of the building and I saw it in my Facebook newsfeed. I really try not to question my heart when I am moved to help, so I offered what I knew I could: sweets and time! We hung out, taped, primed, and met a lot of very kind people. I highly recommend jumping in and volunteering whenever you get the chance.


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