Happy 2nd Anniversary to Us!

WAHOO! TWO YEARS! I can’t really believe it has been that long. In that time we have served over 2256 desserts and have grown in more ways than we could have imagined! 

It has certainly been a year of learning and shaping. Allow me to recap some of our adventures: Over the past year we have worked hard to expand the menu, perfect our processes and learned more about the business side of baking. I have earned my ServSafe Food Protection Manager Certification, taken courses on desserts, food safety, small business, and gleaned tips from every nook and cranny from library to granny (I can’t resist a good rhyme, it’s hopeless.) We have also explored baking in a commercial kitchen and learned so much from that experience about how the commercial kitchen differs from the home kitchen. That adventure led us all around looking at commercial property gave us plenty to consider for future endeavors. Instead of signing a lease, we ended up expanding the capacity of our own home kitchen by adding more refrigeration, taking over more floor space in our home, and adding a double convection oven. These changes made baking much more comfortable and will allow us to take our time exploring the next steps. We also we EXTREMELY EXCITED to become preferred vendors at the exquisite Southwind Hills Barn Venue and work with their incredible team of wedding professionals. Plus, we made it into the 2nd round of the Mission Main Street Grant program. I can say, if anything, we’ve definitely matured over year number two.

In the upcoming year we will continue along this trajectory, keeping our focus on high quality, from scratch desserts that taste like happy.

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