Four Years Old!

Sweet Bytes is four years old! I think this year was the toughest one, but it pushed us and taught us the most as small business owners. I spent many, many hours from January into September preparing to move into a brick and mortar shop, and by the end of September reconciled with the idea of remaining a home bakery. I wrote a long post about it and then deleted it. I decided that it wasn’t an important story. What is important is where we go from here.

I was looking back over our “Three Years Old” post and it makes me proud to know the opportunities to share my love of baking keep coming. I am always so excited to be included in family traditions, like the Thanksgiving meal, and milestone events, like weddings. It’s a warm, happy feeling to know that I have been able to help make those times special.

Thank you for reading! Now onward down the pie path we go.

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