Hi! I’m shocked that you actually clicked the link and wanted to know even more about us, but I’m glad you did.

So, I’ll tell you all about us and the journey here.

I spent 5 years running a home bakery and being a work at home mom. I was supposed to be a “stay at home mom,” but my obsession with baking was so severe that people started asking me how much I charged! One thing led to another and Sweet Bytes became a bustling little home bakery, with Rene’s internet powers (my husband of 23 years.) 

Sweet Bytes specialty was actually from scratch pies, and those were what got us started, but soon we had cake fans, cheesecake fanatics, and people who only ordered our cookies and whoopie pies.

I love to eat so much that I had to have it all! We even baked pies into cakes and called the Pie-brids (Get it? Like a hybrid!) I think the best part about it was the online ordering system that Rene built us. People could place their orders 24/7 and I delivered them right to their door. (Sounds amazing now, but It was SO MUCH very hard labor!)

The orders grew and grew over the years and we frequently had to close down orders and block off our schedules because the demand for our “tastes like happy” desserts was greater than we could supply. It was a little crazy sometimes!

Over the years we had the honor of serving our desserts at many milestone events and world-class, beautiful venues. I am so thankful for all the places I got to see and the people’s lives I got to be a part of during that time. I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

We even thought we would start a brick and mortar bakery for several years. It just seemed like every time we really started in that direction there was an even bigger reason to wait and see. Finally, it seemed like the right time to close that chapter and begin this new one.

Before all that I was a public school art teacher!

I taught high school for 7 years, middle school for 2.5 years, and spent 7 years teaching elementary school. In fact, I have a BFA in studio art with an emphasis in painting  (where I met Rene). It’s funny, you’d think that I would have started an online art store or selling paintings in galleries, but sometimes things just work out differently than we think. Just go with it. 

My heart for sharing and teaching led me right down the baking and decorating path…. or maybe that was my love of eating delicious things?

Looking back over the whole path to here, I can see where it all ties together.  I feel the same about baking as I do about painting. They are both in my creative zone. Time disappears, my heart fills with joy. Yet, perfection can never be achieved in either. I like the chase.

Decorating and food styling is purely the art teacher in me. I get super geeked out by art that is food: sculpted cakes and painted cookies, modeling chocolate and wafer paper flowers. I am in love with highly decorated pies and the bajillion things you can do with fondant.

For Sweet Bytes though, I mainly stuck with product desserts, like “French Silk Pie,” because of the big production schedule, but every now and then I would take a special custom order to get my art needs fulfilled.

While running the home bakery, I bought so many cake and cookie decorating supplies that my local store asked if I would consider teaching decorating classes! After I quit laughing at the idea of returning to teaching, I realized that I would like that very much.

I became a Certified Wilton Method Instructor and did that alongside my home bakery.

For a year and a half, I taught Wilton classes at Michael’s and JoAnn. I loved working with adults who were eager to learn new techniques and lessons. Some of my students were on a home bakery journey, and it was always fun to talk shop with them. 

When then Wilton in-store programs ended, I really missed working with others who had the same interests for baking and decorating that I do. I missed being a teacher. 

So then I thought, hey, why not share it all online? I learned most of what I know about baking and decorating online, so it just made sense to pass on the legacy to you.

There is something very special about baking for others. I am happy and grateful to get to share it with people.  I hope you can find some value here! 

Well, thanks for reading EVEN MORE about us. I look forward to getting to know you better too.