There are a few ways in which website/ blog owners can earn money for their efforts in producing content and managing the site. It is also a federal law that I provide full disclosure about the ways I am earning money. This is my full disclosure policy.

  1. Charge a fee, such as a subscription for use of the site.
  2. Use the site for advertising, very similar to how TV and radio work.
  3. Sell products directly to the audience.

Predominantly, I stick with option #2.

I like to offer information that you will find extremely helpful and useful in your baking and decorating adventures.  Also, I want to be able to offer this information to you for free, while still being able to provide for my own family.

This is my job. It’s an amazing job, but still a job.

Here are some of the ways that I make money with this business via option #2:

  1. Affiliate Links: I am compensated when you click on a link and make a qualifying purchase, sign up for an offer, or otherwise follow the instructions provided by following the link. (Not all links provided are for compensation. I only affiliate with trusted sources, products and services I know and love.)
  2. Sponsored Content: I partner with brands to promote products or services that I believe are valuable to you. I am compensated for these services, but all opinions are my own.
  3. Advertsing: I am paid to place any advertising appearing on the site.

There you have it. The life and career path of a website owner.

I appreciate your support and kindness. While I love to earn money and support my family running a business I love, I also love helping others via sharing/ teaching what I know.

Please only make purchases that will improve or make your life easier in some way.

I am also a member of the Amazon Associate Program. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.